Cut the duck into pieces, add salt and pepper and stir-fry until it's golden brown on all sides. Then, flambé with the glass of cognac and save the duck in another casserole. Add the meat broth and the water to the casserole with the duck. Cover and let simmer.

Peel the pears, remove the seeds, cut them into quarters and sauté in the same oil and pan, where the duck was previously satuteéd. When the pears are golden brown, add the sugar and the white wine and set aside.

Cut the tomato and onions into large pieces, season with salt and pepper and sauteé in the same pan where the pears where previously cooked. When all the ingredients are golden brown pass them through the blender to make a sauce.

Add the sauce to the casserole with the duck, which should have been simmering for an hour. Place the pears on top, cover the pan and let cook for another half an hour. Uncover the pan 10 minutes before the end of cooking time and add a tablespoon of our Gourmet-Seasoning Ametlla + Aina. Your dish is ready to enjoy!

    • 1 Duck of approximately 1,5 Kg.

    • 4 Pears.

    • 2 Onions.

    • 1 Tomato.

    • 1 Glass of cognac.

    • 1 Glass white wine

    • 1 Cup of beef broth.

    • 1 Cup of water.

    • 1 1 Teaspoon sugar.

    • 1 Tablespoon Gourmet-Seasoning Ametlla + Aina

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