Ametlla+ de Mallorca was born with the purpose, by the 5 members that compose it, to transform an autochthonous product, Mallorcan almond, a product that we consider has a multitude of possibilities. The mallorcan almond, a dry fruit with many qualities, not only as an appetizer or as part of limited traditional desserts but as a driver in the area of tourism, local cuisine and health.

For these and other reasons, the entrepreneurs of this project have opted for the idea of converting Mallorcan almonds into a privileged condiment that evokes quality, expectations and innovation.

Ametlla + de Mallorca is a love story with tradition and culture.


We are aware that the profile of the entrepreneurial team is one of the factors that most influences the success of a project. In our case, the variety and complementarity of our personal and professional trajectories collaborate to be one of our great strengths by combining: ability to negotiate, networking, creativity and knowledge of the market.

We want to create new eating habits with a almonds; new textures and different flavors.

Ametlla+ de Mallorca is much more than a gastronomic brand; It is design and incorporated a range of products that will grow.

A varied, useful, innovative offer with historical roots. We transform the mallorcan tradition in something avant-garde and contemporary. We keep the artisan way of our forefathers.

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